Thursday, January 15, 2009

Da' Truth and Life Conference

Yeah, it's been pretty freakin' awesome. J-Mac, Dr. Lutzer, and Dr. Ferguson, how much better does it get?

Granted, it isn't exactly dealing with an issue that I'm currently struggling with or having uncertainties about, but really good stuff nonetheless. And it kind of makes you think. There's no way I have this issue nailed down and that I've completely got this whole suffering thing under control. I mean, life may not be tough right now, but sooner or later, trials and pain are going to come. All God's people are, in one way or another, predestined to go through tribulations.

When said difficulties do come, though, by God's grace I'll be able to look back to this conference, and see that, no matter what is going on, God is somehow working all this out for good. Yeah, life can be pretty painful at times, but how awesome is it (as I've been reminded at this conference) to be able to rest in the fact that God is sovereign? My hurts aren't an abuse of free will or a lack of foresight on God's part. Nope, He planned them out for me, and there will be no reason for me to give in to sin, and despair, and hate.

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