Thursday, September 25, 2008

Question of the Day (Week?, Month?, however long it takes for me to come up with another post)

Is speeding a sin?

Dr. Gregg Frazer of TMC says "yes."

I can't really think of any reason why it wouldn't be.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Impossible Task

So I have to do a six to eight minute informative speech in my Spoken Communication class. I have to choose a topic, so naturally I pick something that I'm interested in and fairly confident in talking about--The Doctrines of Grace.

Here's my problem: how in a million years do you fit all the Doctrines of Grace into an eight minute time span and do anything besides define a few terms? I'm pretty sure it's not possible. Already I've had to cut an argument by Jonathan Edwards and a quote by Desiring God Ministries. I've changed the title from "The Doctrines of Grace, Explained and Defended" to "The Doctrines of Grace, A Brief Overview." Worst of all, I've dropped several of my scripture references, and I don't even have time to read out the ones that are still left!

Guess it just goes to show how impossible it is to put God's truth in a little box. The gospel is beautifully simple, but the deeper doctrines of Christianity take some serious time and thought.

How do you fit the Doctrines of Grace into eight minutes? If there's one thing this project has taught me, it's that you don't.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Jesus, Thank You

One of my favorite songs that we sang in church back home, and that I now have the privlidge of singing in chapel at Master's from time to time, is Jesus Thank You. This morning was one of those great mornings of chapel where we sung this great song, and as I was meditating on the chorus, something really jumped out at me for some reason.

The chorus of the song goes like this:

Your blood has washed away my sins, Jesus thank You
The Father's wrath completely satisfied, Jesus thank You
Once your enemy now seated at Your table, Jesus thank You

Don't ask me how I got the point I'm about to make from this song. For some strange reason I thought about it so here we go. Isn't it such an amazing privilege and gift to serve God? I mean, not only are we forgiven of our sins, justified through the cross, and assured a place in heaven (not to understate those things at all), but we actually get to do something for God. It's far too easy to fall into that dutiful mindset, where we feel we have to do things for God because of what He's done for us. No, it is actually a remarkable privilege to study God's word, it is a privilege to share the gospel, it is a privilege to worship him through song, studying, eating, drinking, and so on. They're not something that we have to do just because we're Christians. They are unique gifts from God that are reserved only for His people. Isn't that awesome!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm as (probably more) guilty of spiritual apathy than anyone, which is why I brought this up. We Christians need to have a mindset that is not duty-driven, but joy-driven and love-driven. If God suddenly gave us the ability to fly, or be really strong, we would use those gifts all the time. Likewise, he has given us the ability to evangelize, to study and obey His word, and to worship Him, so why don't we do those things with all eagerness and enthusiasm?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Something that keeps popping up into my head.

There's something strange about suddenly living 24/7 in a place where almost everyone is smarter and more mature than you are.

I mean, in one sense it's pretty awesome because there are so many things to learn and so many things to challenge me. There's no doubt that from an academic and spiritual standpoint, this is the best place in the world to be.

On the other hand, though, I think it's ended up making me somewhat timid and reserved. Suddenly, I feel like the least important, least interesting, and most unwise guy around. As if I have nothing noteworthy to bring to the table, nothing to offer to others.

Not too much more than a thought...maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Grab Bag

Wow, so many things have happened recently that I could develop several different things into full posts, but these tidbits will have to suffice for now.

1. WOW (week of welcome) at The Master's College. As an incoming student, I had the privilege of attending WOW at TMC and oh man, it was great. Awesome people, awesome teaching, and awesome events all marked the week, and it was in general just a great time of fellowship and fun. Indeed, I think one of the main reasons that I will grow to love Master's so much is the constant spiritual emphasis of the college. Sure it is fun, there's no question that TMC has plenty of fun stuff to do, but there's also so much more than that. The bond in Christ that I have with (Lord-willing) everyone at the college is so deep and profound. With a ton of people more mature and smarter than me, I'll definitely be challenged to grow in my faith. Put simply, Master's is da' domb. Enough said.

2. Wake up! Wake up! I went to an Everyday Sunday concert Friday night, and I must honestly say that Trey and guys put on a good show. They rocked out pretty hard and I recognized most of their songs, so that was nice. Granted, they definitely weren't as awesome as Kutless. They played fewer songs, the sound was just too loud (even for a rock concert), and they simply aren't as good as Kutless musically. However, the hosting church's gospel presentation, while still a bit watery and vaguely explained, was significantly better than the one with Kutless. Note that the same church was hosting both concerts, so this was somewhat encouraging.

3. I finally saw I Am Legend for the first time. Slight dissapointment from what I was expecting, but ignore my expectations. Legend was a really entertaining and engrossing film with a great message. I recomment it. Of course, there was the inevitable bit of language and violence, it's definitely for more mature audiences, but for a PG-13 rated film, I'm not really complaining.

4. I discovered the next great party game during WOW week at Master's, and it's called Quelf! If you're looking for a truly random, yet amazing, group game that features loads of laughs and truckloads of fun, buy Quelf as soon as possible. I just invested in a game myself and upon playing it for the second time, it most definitely did not dissapoint.