Thursday, October 2, 2008

Joe Keller just predicted my future!

So it's been a crunch week for me. I have a test, a quiz, an outline, a handout, and a six-plus page paper due right before Outreach Week. Two hundred and fifty pages had to be read, and I had to study an Awana booklet to get officially qualified at Placerita Baptist. To make the situation even more bleak, I'm going home this weekend to a family and friends that haven't seen me for a month.

What does God do? In an event nothing short of divine providence, both of my classes yesterday were canceled. Consequently, I'm sitting here writing this post instead of reading Mark Twain.

The really freaky thing? Our Dean of Students, Joe Keller, had just lectured on time management in Biblical Fundamentals about a week earlier, and he talked about this exact thing happening! There will be times, he said, where you're doing your best but still won't be able to get everything done on time. Life is looking bleak, when all of sudden, class is canceled.

That's me right there, but better yet, that's my God right there. All praise to the Sovereign Lord for His mercies, even in little issues like these!

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