Saturday, March 8, 2008

What is American coming to?

I'm guessing most of you, especially Californians and those in my circle of the Blogosphere, have heard about the new ruling that threatens to ban homeschooling in California. Now before I say anything further, I admit there's some way better evaluations of this in other places, I'd especially recommend Dr. Al Mohler's and Dan Philip's recent posts on the subject.

That said, as a lifelong homeschool student and Californian, it's probably fair for me to put in a word or two of my own thoughts. Admittedly, I'll be graduating this May and my mom has been blessed with a teaching credential, but this decision has some serious ramifications not only in my life but to our nation. The way I see it, this ruling goes against our country's principles of freedom and rights, as well as the biblical mandate for government. I understand our officials' concerns, and every student should certainly have a quality education, but this is taking things way too far. We are beginning to make the state supreme and in charge of the way the next generation thinks. As one blogger put it, we're moving towards the "People's Republic of California" and that is not a good thing. I've recently been studying Communism in my (biblically based) Philosophy class, and, to put it bluntly, it demonstrates some frightening parallels to this state ruling.

The scariest thing of all, though, is not necessarily the fact that our freedoms are being taken away, it's the teaching that the next generation of Californians are going to receive. To summarize in one sentence, the public school system has and will forsake God's Word for the latest notions of post-modernism, multiculturalism, and "science." Children will be founded upon error-filled and man-centered principles, and they will be encouraged to accept and engage in sinful practices. We're talking flat out indoctrination here; the state will be deciding how we think and what we believe. This is all not to mention the fact that parents (and the family unit as a whole) will be gradually stripped of their God-ordained responsibilities and role in modern society. This is a massive step in the wrong direction people.

Granted, I'm just one person and a very sinful one at that, I know that my blog isn't going to change anything. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that all of my personal efforts and deeds, in and of themselves, cannot change anything either. Only God, the sovereign Lord and creator of the universe, is in control and only He can change the hearts, minds, and souls of a nation. In these dark times, we must never forget that God alone is weaving the fabric of events together for His glory and the good of those who love Him. This is not to say, though, that we should sit back and let the world careen off down the path of error and destruction. On the contrary, God often uses imperfect instruments like us to accomplish his purposes. It is this next generation of Christians, even those in the school system, who will be called to serve Christ and stand up for the Truth in an age of deceit, lies, perversion, and injustice. As Christians we can do all things, but only through Jesus Christ who empowers us.