Saturday, February 23, 2008

Coming to a theater near you...well, maybe not.

As some of my readers who I'm personally acquainted with know, I and an awesome group of friends are putting the finishing touches on our first official film for the Christian Youth Film Festival. It has been, to say the least, an overwhelming and completely unanticipated process for all of us, but by the grace of God we've finally managed to brainstorm, write, cast, film, and edit the darn thing. That said, I think all of us have really learned a lot and been challenged to (as the message in our movie says) rely on God at all times for all things.

With so much time and effort invested into this movie, I figured it at least deserved some kind of special place on the internet. Thus, my blog will be serving as the official temporary website of Reliance and Revenge. It is a hilarious heist/action flick about a teenage guy named Logan who was humiliated by a girl (Ashely) in the past. In the film Logan tries to get revenge by recruiting an elite team of thieves and stealing something from her. I know, I know, kinda weird plot given the context and everything, but as the writer, what can I say? At least it's fairly original.

Anyhoo, the film will likely be featured in the aforementioned contest, which is happening next Sunday, March 2nd, at the Majestic Fox Theater in Bakersfield California. You can find more details through the link. I would love to post the film as soon as our editor (Thomas Harlander) is finished editing, but in order to be fair to everyone spending $10 on a ticket to see the film (along with the other top ten contestants), that will probably have to wait. Nevertheless, we will also be making a "Special Extended Friends and Family Edition" of the film which is basically the film how it's supposed to be. Unfortunately, the contest puts a ten minute limit on all of the films while ours was originally a solid fifteen minutes long. Guess I'll have to keep you posted on the status on that, be looking for a cast list and maybe even a poster or trailer in next couple days.

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Haha, yea do you still want some screenshots or something?