Monday, January 25, 2010

Poetry From the Life of Christ--An Excerpt

Here's one part of a larger poem I'm working on, currently titled "Who is This?" Note that these poems I've written from Christ's life are interpretations that draw heavily from Scripture but also factor in my own imaginative take. Enjoy:

The fishers quailed before the gale
They called to Christ, a humble wail

"Lord save us, ere the lightning strikes
Or waves come drown us, see the might
This pounding, dark, unholy storm
Will swallow us before the morn."

So Christ looked up, with sleepy eyes
And tender care for their poor lives
He stood, as God, with pulsing veins
And called the wind, the sea, the rains:

"Now hear me, all you elements
Be silenced, flee from me, repent.
In future wrath you'll have your time
For now an age of peace is mine."

The bruised disciples, safe but stunned
Could hardly speak, "Who is this One
Who never worries, come what may
Who speaks, and winds and sea obey?"

1 comment:

Sylvia Collins said...

Well Done. It really paints a picture of the stormy seas and the disciples response.