Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Musings" from San Diego

As mentioned in my previous post, my family and I just spent several days vacationing in San Diego, and I have a few thoughts I figured I'd share.

One, God is a truly amazing and creative God! We visited both Sea World and the San Diego Zoo, and must admit that I have never been more impressed at the incredible beauty and design of the world we live in. The other thing I found amazing about the zoo in particular is that, despite the obvious evolutionary mindset of the zoo's researchers or whoever, they still referred to many attributes of animals as "designed." It's incredible that someone could see the variety, intricacy, and even beauty of the world's flora and fauna and still not attribute it to a grand Designer. At the zoo especially, I was reminded that creation does indeed bring glory and recognition to its Creator. It was almost as if I'd taken a small step back into Eden...or a step forward into heaven.

Two, I also had the chance to listen to a bunch of Way of the Master Radio podcasts on the drive down and back. Good, convicting, stuff, as usual, but when they played a reading of Jonathan Edwards' "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." To say the least I was shaken...a whole bunch. I'm not completely sure, but Edwards had a way with words (not to mentioned the authority of God's Word and power of the Holy Spirit) that really hits me right in the heart every time I read or hear that sermon. Vivid, passionate, authoritative, and all too true. Just take it from a brother trying to grow in his zeal and love for Christ; if you are ever feeling lukewarm in your walk and/or emotions, sit down for a few minutes and read "Sinners." There's a reason it's Edwards' most famous sermon.

Three, I had the chance to witness part of a three game sweep by my Mariners over the Padres. Yep, I'm a Mariner's fan, and am sticking with them despite high expectations and disastrous results for the season thus far. Seeing one of their rare wins was something kinda special (for me, at least).

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